Kleber Post


The eventful history of the Kleber Post is also a piece of German hotel history.

Today the Kleber Post is living proof of the connection between tradition and innovation in the art of hospitality.

Art – A pleasure for all senses!

According to the credo "The average gives the world its substance, the exceptional its value“ (quote: Oscar Wilde) the traditional house was re-designed. Like a red string the theme "Baroque lifestyle meets design and art" winds its way through then new rooms. Contemporary art is a significant part of the furnishing concept and contributes to the special atmosphere. Enthusiasts find pictures by Gerold Miller, a wooden sculptor by Aron Demetz, participant of the Biennale Venice 2009, as well as photographic art by Sven Erik Klein and an etching cycle with 13 graphics by Markus Daum. Artistic works of Swiss Max Bill, the graphic artist Anton Stankowski and HAP Grieshaber, as well as the artist Willebrord Haas, Markise Glaser, Rose Sommer-Leopold and Daniel Kojo Schrade are also well worth mentioning.

The new construction presents itself in a contemporary robe and the guest rooms have been individually designed. Visitors stroll along pale natural stone and old parquet. Furniture in pear tree, specially designed carpets and carefully matched fabrics in warm colors create a cheerful and harmonic atmosphere. Crimson velvet, powerful shades of violet, leaf gold as well as lights by Louis Pulsen and design pieces by Promemoria, Florence Knoll and Donghia add noble touches.


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