Kleber Post

Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. General terms and conditions Hotel Kleber Post

  1. The present general terms and conditions apply to all contracts concluded with the Hotel Kleber-Post, Posthotellerie GmbH, provided that they meet the requirements of the GTC provision. They can be replaced by conditions negotiated on a case-by-case basis. These conditions are on display on the hotel and will be given to the customer separately upon agreement. By this fact alone, they are sufficiently brought to the knowledge of the customers, the rental parties and third parties.
  2. The conclusion of the guest accommodation contract (rental agreement) obliges the contracting parties to fulfill the contract; regardless of the duration for which the contract has been completed. The contract can not be resigned by one party alone.
  3. Option data is binding for both parties. The hotel reserves the right to rent the reserved rooms and function rooms elsewhere after expiration of the option dates.
  4. Benefits and tariffs are freely determined by the management and can be modified after conclusion of the contract, if the period between the conclusion of the contract and the performance of the service is more than 120 days.
  5. The customer or visitor is solely responsible for the risk of loss of property or materials left in the hotel's public areas, in the technical facilities and in the conference rooms of the hotel. In the room a liability can be taken over only if it concerns personal objects of the customer, which he effectively needs at the time of the use of the room. The liability here must be limited to the permissible level. Valuables such as jewelry, fur coats and money must be deposited with the reception, whereby a separate storage contract must be concluded solely with a person authorized to do so. The liability of the hotel for non-deposited valuables is excluded.
  6. Reserved functional rooms are available to the client only at the time agreed in writing. Any use of the function rooms beyond the agreed period requires the prior approval of the event department.
  7. If the purchaser is not the organizer at the same time or if he places an order at the expense of another, both are jointly and severally liable.
  8. If the invoice amount exceeds EUR 250.00, a total invoice may be sent upon request of the customer. The payment of individual invoices can be requested in advance. Each invoice must be paid in cash and without discount. The delay in payment of even one invoice entitles the Kleber-Post to cease all further and future services for the customer in all establishments. The Hotel Kleber-Post decides on this without notice.
  9. In the following cases, the customer is to be invoiced for the ordered, but not provided, contractual service, even if only a partial cancellation has been made. The service may therefore include the guests' lodgings, the rent for conference rooms and the service,
  10. Cancellation between the 42nd and the 15th day before, 30% of the ordered services will be charged
  11. Cancellation between the 15th and the 8th day before, 60% of the ordered services will be charged
  12. Cancellation between the 8th and the 2nd day before, 80% of the ordered services will be charged.
  13. Cancellation within 48 hours before, 100% of the ordered services will be charged
  14. The cancellation fees will be reduced by the amount of the lodging which would have been obtained by selling the canceled rooms at the appointed date.
  15. Invoices are payable within 10 days of receipt. At the end of this period, the customer account will be charged default interest of 1.5% per month.
  16. If the organizer is a political association, the contract requires the approval of the management of the hotel in order to become effective. Should the organizer not inform Hotel Kleber-Post that this is a political event, the hotel is entitled to terminate the contract and to charge the corresponding provisioning costs according to II, 2.
  17. The Hotel Kleber-Post may, without any explanation, make any order, reservation or other service that is to be carried out or continued dependent on total or partial payment of the amounts due to it, in the form of down payment or total payment, even if such payment is to be made in advance.
  18. The consumption of brought food and drinks is prohibited for the public area,.
  19. If the Hotel Kleber-Post has good reason to believe that the event threatens to jeopardize the smooth operation, security or reputation of the hotel, and in case of force majeure, it can cancel any event.
  20. Verbal or written side agreements are not met. Changes or additions require the written form to be legally effective. The same applies to the waiver of the written requirement.
  21. The place of jurisdiction is Ulm.

2. Additional Terms and Conditions for Seminars

  1. Each reservation is guaranteed only upon receipt of our detailed confirmation, which in turn is to be countersigned by the customer by valid signature and company stamp.
  2. For cancellations of seminars the rules of the general terms and conditions apply.
  3. The number of participants must be confirmed at least 48 hours before the event. Deviations of maximum 5% down or up on the day of the event are accepted. If the maximum deviation is exceeded or undercut, the service will be treated as in the case of cancellation.
  4. The organizer is generally not allowed to bring food and drinks to the events. In special cases (national specialties, etc.) a written agreement can be made; In these cases, a service charge or corkage fee will be charged.

3. Additional Terms and Conditions Banquet

  1. Confirmation and reservation Each reservation is only guaranteed upon receipt of our detailed confirmation, which in turn is to be countersigned by the customer.
  2. Price Guarantee The prices quoted are valid for five months from the date of our offer. After this period, the prices are be subject to change without notice. The prices valid on the day of the event apply.
  3. Couvert guarantee The number of place settings must be confirmed at least 3 working days before the day of the event. It serves as the basis for billing. A deviation of 5% up or down is accepted.
  4. Attaching decoration materials or other objects is not permitted without the consent of the hotel. For damages of the equipment or the inventory, which were caused during assembly and dismantling and / or during the event, the organizer / orderer is liable without proof of indebtedness.
  5. The organizer is not allowed to bring food and drink to the events, in special cases (national food etc.) a written agreement can be made; In these cases, a service charge or corkage fee will be charged.
  6. Insurance of Hotel Kleber-Post disclaims any responsibility for damages of any kind, in particular damage caused by fire and / or theft and which are not caused by the fault of the Hotel Kleber-Post. In the case of exhibitions and seminars, guests are advised to take out insurance covering any damage which may occur to their equipment within our premises.
  7. GEMA All music events must be reported by the customer in advance to GEMA. The Hotel Kleber-Post is released by the customer in respect of GEMA claims arising from the unauthorized use of the rights of GEMA or TRITTER.
  8. Terms of payment The general terms of payment apply. At banquets, each contract is fully payable up to an amount of EUR 250.00 upon reservation.

4. Additional terms and conditions for groups

  1. Prices Group rates are valid for a minimum of 15 persons. For a group of less than 15 persons, the commissionable open retail prices for individual travelers apply.
  2. Reservations must be confirmed in writing:
  3. Series groups are confirmed by signature of the contract.
  4. Selective groups will be confirmed 45 days before the arrival of each group. The final list of names of the participants of each group must be communicated to the hotel 14 days prior to arrival
  5. Advance payments and cancellations Series groups: 50% of the total for the respective group is paid when the contract is signed. This deposit will be deducted from the final bill. Selective groups: Each reservation is final only after the deposit of 50% before the arrival of the group. These deposits will not be refunded by the hotel in case of cancellation, should this be made within 30 days prior to arrival of the group. For cancellations otherwise the terms and conditions apply. (See AGB 1.9)
  6. Invoicing Series Groups: Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt. After expiry of this period default interest of 1% will be charged for each commenced 30 days. Selective Groups: Invoices are payable in EUR upon departure of the group, unless otherwise agreed.
  7. Additional costs All costs in addition to the usual contractual services, telephone, bar, etc. As long as it is not otherwise stipulated in the contract, each participant has to pay on departure. In case of non-payment by the individual participants, the organizer is held liable.

5. Additional terms and conditions for room contingency contracts

To supplement the guest admission contract, a separate room contingent contract will be concluded upon agreement. The hotel provides the customer with the desired number and type of room units for a certain period of time. A complete list of names is to be forwarded unsolicited to the hotel to the specified timetable so that it can be scheduled accordingly and in good time.

The room prices are "net of commission" and already include the extensive breakfast buffet, as well as the proportional and 15% conditions. Cancellations of room orders by the customer can be considered only for the entire period of the booking in the period specified before the agreed arrival. Later cancellations or non-use of the hotel rooms will be considered subject to reselling to other guests. If not sold, a cancellation fee of the stated room rate will be charged. Unless the hotel has agreed in writing- after the written notification by the customer- to take back the booking or could otherwise sell the canceled rooms.

Rooms that are not occupied by 19:00 are otherwise rented by the hotel, unless the ordering party informs in advance that the guest will arrive after 19:00. Bookings, cancellations and any changes (eg name changes, changes of arrival and departure dates and times as well as the coverage of costs by third parties) must be made in writing. Receipt of deposit or pre - payment after the due date is considered a cancellation in the sense of the room - contingency - contract. The hotel is released from any obligations under this contract and reserves all claims under this contract.

The contract is formed only by the timely signature with company stamp by the customer and the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to refuse signature of the contract if they do not receive a copy signed by the customer within the stated time period. In case of such a refusal the hotel will inform the customer.

The cancellation periods applicable under GTC 1.9 will be overridden and replaced by the room contingency agreement.

Bad Saulgau, 8th October 2009