Kleber Post


We have been able to welcome many well-known visitors during our event series "literature in the Kleber Post". Here is a small overview:

21st SEPTEMBER, 2018:

Klaus Hoffmann “As if nothing was amiss” – A musical reading. Further information and pictures form the evening

12th MAY, 2018

Dying young is no option either – Reading and piano cabaret with Christine Schütz and Sky Du Mont.

21st JANUARY 2018

„Don't cry when the rain starts to fall..." – a journey through German hits from Rudi Schuricke to Helene Fischer. A musical and enormously entertaining reading with the literature critic and German hit enthusiast Rainer Moritz and the actor Caroline Kiesewetter.

10th DECEMBER, 2017

Matinee reading with Barbara Auer: „I love you so much…“ with selected short stories and poems on the subject love.

Saturday, 15th APRIL, 2017

Sky du Mont and Christine Schütze on the piano with their program „BeziehungsWeisen“